Our first photo exhibition in Madrid!

From 6th March till 8th April 2018 the photo exhibition India, The Metaphor can be visited at La Ciudad Invisible in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

To celebrate 2018 international women’s day on the 8th of March, La Ciudad Invisible has invited Voices of Women along with other organizations to share their work to raise awareness about the women’s situation in India. The event is called India needs Feminism.

For this special occasion I will open Voices of Women first big exhibition, on the 6th March 7:30pm, sharing with the audience what India meant for this project.

India, The Metaphor

The photo series, India, The Metaphor, is the result of my solo trip in this country in 2016. This trip was crucial to make me commit to fight gender inequality, a commitment that took shape with this project Voices of Women.

In India, I faced my own vulnerability as a woman. Such vulnerability was not unknown to me up until then. Nevertheless, an unfamiliar reality such as the one I found in India, made my own culture’s imperfections blatant to the point I could no longer ignore them.

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