Learning new skills means helping others

Sometime ago these three inspiring ladies invited me to give a talk to raise funds for a NGO of my choice. Genius, right?

Lucía, Susana and Cristina met in Copenhagen while studying and the three of them ended up living and working in Denmark. As they felt the urge to do volunteer work, they realized that it isn’t easy for most people to take some time to devote to others.

“Having an established “routine” and a busy work life shouldn’t be an impediment to help others, do volunteer work and make a difference”

Points out Susana while telling me why she decided to do something about it.

We all agree that supporting NGOs’ work should not be a sacrifice or a burden to the civil society, right? That is why SOMOS, the non-profit founded by these three Spanish girls, is magical. It brings together those who have a skill to share and want to offer their time and those who are willing to pay to learn new skills. Such an exchange becomes the perfect excuse to raise funds for social projects around the world. In Lucía’s own words:

‘SOMOS is closing the circle of giving and receiving.’

Because it is never too late to learn or teach a new skill, SOMOS creates an amazing chain of inspiration and solidarity that rewards everyone involved in it as it is remarked by this amazing squad running this non-profit on a volunteer basis. Cristina’s words say it all:

‘I love the moment before and after the workshops we organize: the smile on people’s face, the gratitude of the NGOs we help, the positive mood the teachers always have, the adrenaline…’

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