She wanted to help women and so she did

Collective dismissals have been a close reality to María. For more than once, she saw many of her colleagues being fired. As an actuary, finding a job was never too difficult for her but she worried about others.

She couldn’t help but wonder what would happen with the women she works with. Women who are older and perhaps less educated. Some of her female colleagues have kids to raise and loans to pay. Women who, because of their age, will have a hard time finding a job as they now have to compete with younger professionals who are more up to date with what employers demand. Women who will also be judged by their gender.

Even though María is not affected by this problem she decided to do something.

How could she help these women?

At the office, her fellow colleagues often come to her asking for help as they struggle to work with Excel. As an actuary, María knows this software well and spends quite a bit of time teaching them. So that was it! María came up with the idea of organizing some Excel workshops targeting women in their fifties who struggle to find a job. Adding Excel as a skill to their CV would at least improve their chances to find a new job.

What about you? How are you helping women around you?