The perfect excuse to get people together and discuss our cultural legacy

While showing my photographic work I share those experiences and thoughts that led me to this project, aiming to raise awareness among the audience about the gender inequality and women rights violation happening around the world. My goal is to make a comparison between western countries and the rest of the world with regards our gender inequality heritage and its impact on women’s lives.

Join us!

India, The Metaphor exhibited in Madrid

Our first photo exhibition in Madrid! From 6th March till 8th April 2018 the photo exhibition India, The Metaphor can...

  • Location:

    La Ciudad Invisible, Madrid Spain

  • Date: 6th March – 9th April (Opening 6th March at 19:30)
  • Price: Free

Talk: The stories behind gender inequality

What does it mean to be a woman? Is it the same everywhere in the world? Do we all face...

  • Location:

    ISPV, Viseu Portugal

  • Date: 8th March 2018
  • Price: Free

Women Out of the Box – Celebrating women in Italy

Women out of the Box it is more than a title, is an invitation. WBO is one day festival taking...

  • Location:

    Turin, Italy

  • Date: 11th March, Full day
  • Price: From €16